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Frequently asked questions

What is research transcription? chevron-down icon
Research transcription is all about turning research videos or recordings into written text. Imagine taking conversations, interviews, and discussions that researchers have, and transforming them into words on a page. These written records are like treasure troves for researchers and teachers at universities. They help them learn and understand things better. It's like turning important talks into readable stories!
How to transcribe a user interview for UX research? chevron-down icon
Making interview transcripts is easy! First, record your interviews. Then, drag and drop the files onto the Talebook page. Once it's uploaded, click 'transcribe.' Wait for about 20 minutes, and voilĂ ! Your transcript is ready for analysis.
How are interview transcripts formatted? chevron-down icon
Formatting interview transcripts right is super important for any report or analysis. With Talebook, it's a breeze! Talebook automatically figures out who's talking and in what language, creating a document that's easy to read. Each statement shows who said it, when, and exactly what they said. It's like magic, making your work so much simpler!
Where can I transcribe an interview? chevron-down icon
Want to turn interviews into text without all the hard work? Talebook's got your back! It's like having a super smart robot that listens to the talking and turns it into words on the screen. That means you don't have to type it all out yourself, saving you lots of time and effort!
How much does transcription for research cost? chevron-down icon
Talebook's transcription tool is free! You can change up to 120 minutes of video into words every month, absolutely free. And if you need more, there's a plan that lets you change up to 20 hours of talking into text for just 24 USD a month.
How much does it cost to transcribe 1 hour of video? chevron-down icon
Talebook's research transcription tool won't cost you a penny for the first 120 minutes! That means you can change the first two hours of your videos into text every month without paying anything. It's like getting a special treat for your research work!
How to do a transcript of a video for free? chevron-down icon
If you require a reliable and free video-to-text transcription tool, Talebook is the preferred choice for over 20,000 researchers. Accessible online on any device, Talebook's automatic video transcription software delivers accurate text transcripts within seconds.
Can I upload a video and get a transcription? chevron-down icon
To convert video recordings into research transcriptions, upload your file onto the designated page. Once uploaded, click 'transcribe' and wait for the process to complete. Your research transcription will be ready within 20 minutes.

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