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Writing a User Research Report


Incentives for User Research: What You Need to Know?

What are research incentives? In the context of UX research, incentives are rewards or compensation offered to participants in user research studies in exchange for their time, knowledge, and efforts. They can be anything from cash and gift cards to company merchandise or charitable donations. User research incentives are essential in conducting your user research for several […]

Recruiting participants for User Research Study

User research allows designers to understand users’ needs, goals, and frustrations, which helps them design products that users will love. However, user research is only as good as the participants you recruit. How you approach recruiting participants for your study is extremely important, as it will affect the entire research study and, as a result, […]

Creating a Screener Survey for User Research

What is a screener survey? A screener survey, also known as a screener questionnaire, is a short survey given to potential participants in a UX research study. It helps to determine whether or not the participants meet the criteria for the study, such as their demographics, experience, or behaviors. Screener surveys help UX researchers to recruit […]

UX Research Process Explained

What is a UX Research Process? At its core, the UX research process is a procedure of gaining an understanding of users to inform and guide the design and development of digital products. It involves a series of well-defined steps that allow one to unravel the intricacies of user behavior. This process empowers designers and stakeholders to […]

Navigating UX Design with Stakeholder Interviews

What is a stakeholder interviews? Stakeholder interviews are conversations with a person or a group of people who have a vested interest in the success of a product or service. Stakeholders can include clients, users, project managers, developers, and other members of the UX team. Stakeholder interviews are typically conducted at the beginning of a product […]

How to Create a User Research Plan?

What is a User Research Plan? A user research plan is a document that outlines the goals, objectives, and logistical considerations of a research project.  A well-written user research plan ensures that the research focuses on the right research questions and that the findings are collected systematically and rigorously. This approach helps ensure that the research findings […]

Unraveling User Research Questions

What are user research questions? A user research questions are questions we want to answer through our research. When conducting user research, researchers are trying to uncover unknown information. It is helpful to think about a research questions as a question posed by researchers to themselves about that unknown. Research questions are not questions we should ask […]

Transcription Software: Benefits & Examples

Using transcription software can be beneficial for conducting user research. While conducting user interviews or stakeholder meetings, it is essential to ensure the way to gather data. The most obvious and straightforward way is to make notes during an interview. Taking notes during an interview can be challenging, especially if researchers focus on the interviewee […]

Error States in UX: Best Practices for Effective Error Handling

Encountering errors is an inevitable part of using technology. Whether it’s filling out a form, submitting a transaction, or interacting with any application, users often come across error states that disrupt their experience. How the system handles these errors can make a difference between creating a frustrating or satisfying experience for the users. What is […]